How to Export Your Outlook Calendar

Have events in your calendar at work, but want to bring those same events home, for outlook at home. Here is How to Export Your Outlook Calendar.

Step 1: Open outlook, and click on the calendar folder. See picture

Step 2: This will open up the calendar section of MSOutlook

Step 3: ImportExport Option Outlook

Step 4: Now that the calendar is open go to the File menu at the top left.
Once on the file menu select the option for Import/Export

Step 5: Export Choices

Step 6: The next screen will ask you what you want to do.

Step 7: Select the choice for export to a file.

Step 8: Click Next

Step 9: Choose the type of file in this case since we will be going to outlook at home you want to select the "Personal File Folder" Option the ".pst" file

Step 10: Click Next

Step 11: The next screen will have your folder list, on this screen if you have subfolders under contacts the lower left hand corner allows to include subfolders of your Calendar. Leave the calendar option highlighted and click Next.

Step 12: It will now ask you for the location of the file, click on Browse to the right and click to save the file to your desktop for easy access later.

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